Starting a Campfire

When you make the decision to become a prepper there are certain responsibilities and skills that you must take upon yourself to ensure that you are able to survive. One of the single most important skills that you must know in order to be fully prepared for a disaster is that of starting a campfire. If you don’t have fire in a situation where you are forced into the wilderness or if your electricity is down then your chances of survival lower significantly. Here are some tips that will help make starting a fire easier.

Remember the Age You Live In

One of the most important things you need to remember about building a campfire is to remember that you do not live in the stone age. While it is almost certain that there are plenty of survivalists and preppers out there who only need a couple of sticks, kindling, and persistence to make a fire happen by use of friction the truth is that such techniques are archaic and will only waste precious time. You need to remember that it is far more sensible to build fire with tools such as flint, lighters, matches, or any other number of modern day essentials. You need to have a decent stock of such items available anyway so you might as well use them as intended. Sure, being able to start a fire with a few sticks is impressive but you’re not going to impress anybody if you have spent an hour trying to build a fire that could have been ready in less than ten minutes. Click here to learn more about firestarters.

Proper Technique

One of the most important things you must remember, no matter what tools you use to start a fire, proper technique must be used if you wish to keep the fire going. Keep important lessons in mind such as using wood that burns well, using your kindling wisely and efficiently, and ensuring that there is enough airflow for the fire to keep itself going without constant attendance. While it is true that you can always restart a fire, building a fire properly the first time around will help you to conserve your resources for much longer and allow you to get more us out of your firestarting tools.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting: